Who We Are

We are passionate travelers sharing zest and zen for exploration. FestivEscape team beams of travel enthusiasts, writers with penchant of words, tasteful planners and fine travel concierge to make each and travel experience bespoke. We are not tour operators, we are travel designers and stylists whose travel designs never go out of fashion. From sun-kissed unexplored beaches, a plush cottage in the hills, rarest of wines amidst splendid architecture or pristine palaces that exuberate elegance, retreats and indulgences we bring our guests experiences to last a lifetime, not just itineraries!

Our personalized travel plans cater to our clients’ emotional, physical as well as aesthetic well-being. A relaxing rejuvenation session or an inspiring talk by a wellness expert is an absolute concoction for a meaningful vacation. A private family retreat with loved ones offering just the right amount of bonding is what we take pride in. Travelling solo, don’t compromise on the comfort factor, with our self-indulgent tenderings, even your wildest dreams will come true.

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