Mussourie’s Old World Charm is Your Best Bet for a Off-Beat Holiday in the Hills

Mussourie isn’t called the Queen of Hills for no reason at all. The lofty Shivalik ranges form a majestic backdrop to this quintessential hill station which is as charming since its inception. Mussourie has been synonymous with elegance since it was discovered by the British royals. We give you the unexplored, virgin facet of Mussourie which is as exclusive as your travel plans:


  • Jharipani Falls: Forget Kempty, this less frequented fall offers a panoramic view of the Shivaliks with streams of pure white water gushing through its gaps. Pure serenity it is to watch this small yet quaint waterfall away from the tourists’ eyes.


  • Soham Heritage & Art Centre:  You get to know the artistic side of spirituality here at this cultural hub which houses streams of artworks belonging to the tribal communities. Surrounded by oak and Deodar forests, this hub smells of elegance and beauty to enliven your aesthetic senses.

camel back

  • Camel Back Road: The stretch between Library Point to Kulri Bazar is nature’s own way of expressing sheer love to you. The calm trek, breathtaking green spread and the slight chill of penetrating into nature’s lap has a thrill unmatched. What could be more romantic to witness the scenic sunrise and sunsets here at this point. Truly bespoke of Mussourie!


  • Lake Mist: Experiencing a lake in the midst of a mountainous haven is a feat in itself. This small lake serves as a ideal spot to admire the beauteous deodars, bask in the glory of crystal blue waters or just enjoy a round of peaceful boating with your close ones


  • Old World Charm: Picture stone walls, country furniture and colonial architecture amidst splendid landscape, that’s Mussourie’s little town called Landour. This distanced little cantonment is all the exclusivity you need for a quiet and off-beat family holiday. No wonder, the Welsh poet discovered poetry here!


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