Why Udaipur Tops The List of Luxurious Getaways in India

Calling Udaipur-the city of lakes wonderful would be an understatement. This mélange of royal heritage interspersed with serene lakes from all sides is a sure delight which is seen to be believed. Summers give you reasons galore to visit this charming city in all its grandeur and satiate your elegant taste buds!


  1. Heritage at Your Feet: The palaces of the city are timeless pieces of royal history which mesmerize you beyond reality. It is such a delight to get transported to the culture and yesteryears that you yourself won’t feel less than a prince or princess. Take guided tours of the famous places like The Lake Place, Udaipur Place and others to experience history firsthand.


  1. Lavish Lakes: The tranquil lakes have their own placid story to tell. A calming boat ride on the lakes is sure to heighten the romantic in you when you meander across the shimmering waves and glistening lights. Night time sure is the best hour to indulge in this luxury of sorts where you lose yourself with the sound of shiny water.


  1. Artsy Affair: Udaipur is blessed with some of country’s finest artwork, owing to the history of craftsmen whose generations have been spent here. From limited edition paintings, handwork upholstery, intricate installations and what not, the most premium of assortments can be picked up to adorn your halls back home.


  1. Food Fantsay: Royal taste what royal cooks! Give the seasoned chefs a chance to know your classy preferences well and trust them to craft the most bespoke of culinary delights. Just the way you like it, your taste penchants are studied and implemented to a T here. So be it traditional Mughlai savories, some secret recipes of the royal households or simple soulful food to complement the entire royal experience, you name it, they have it.


  1. Stay Like a Royal: It is impossible to step feet in a royal empire and not feel like one! Explore splendidly done boutique hotels that give you an experience of a lifetime. The well-appointed rooms, intricate architecture, luxurious ambience and mesmerizing lake-facing view is just what you need to make your visit the most memorable one.

Come explore Udaipur with our well-curated itineraries that empower you with glistening memories galore. Email us at festivescape@gmail.com for a complete customized tour because we understand that exclusivity can’t be compromised!

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