Travel Tips for Women

Today’s woman is not bounded by the shackles of the home, she is a free bird, ever ready to explore this amazingly beautiful and vast world! Having said that, there are certain important things women must take note of while taking an all-women trip or a solo expedition. FestivEscape lists down some of the most important travel tips for women travelers:

Women Travelers
Women Travelers

Choose your travel agency wisely: The best thing you can do to ensure your safety and the safety of other women in the group is to take a holiday package from a trusted travel agency. After all, they are the ones who choose your flights, hotels, resorts and vendors for adventure and other activities! We, at FestivEscape, believe that an excellent trip is first about safety and then anything else. So, we partner with the safest of the agencies, hotels and resorts all across the globe to deliver a truly mesmerising yet safe travel experience.

Keep your valuables on you while travelling: Be it your DSLR, your passport, cash or other valuables of the kind and beyond, it is important that you carry them with you while taking the flight or any other mode of transportation. Keeping such things in your check-in baggage can be troublesome in case you miss some of it in transit. It is also important to buy good quality locks for all your luggage carriers.

Don’t carry your passport everywhere you go: All good resorts and hotels these days are equipped with high-quality lockers. While going out make sure that you keep your passport and extra cash in the lockers, protected by a manually kept pin by you.
Avoid secluded places at night: While night-life is the best part of most trips, it is best recommended that you avoid such places and opt for happening zones in the city. This minimizes the possibility of abduction, robbery and molestation. Also, carry a knife, a pepper spray or something of the kind always handy while travelling out of your resort alone all the time.

Avoid trusting people quickly: When on your own in a foreign land or city, it is easy to get tempted to join local ethnic groups or other groups to have fun. But be wary of con artists who are looking out opportunities to rob you. Choose people wisely and always cross-question about their native places and reason or travelling in a polite way. You can easily draw conclusions of your safety quotient basis their answers.

Be a wise drinker: Nobody wants to pass out drinking on the roads or in a pub in a completely unknown land! Choose your drinks wisely and don’t mix. Have enough food and water between your drinks so that you are in complete control of yourself and your senses.

Get travel insurance: Golden rule – if you can’t afford buying a travel insurance, don’t travel at all! A travel insurance covers robbery, flight delays, luggage loss, life and many other things. Rather than lamenting later and bearing exorbitant expenses, better take a travel insurance and get ready for the unknown!

While the tips above might sound serious, they ensure a joyful, fearless and satisfying travel! So, when are you taking your next trip, girl? For exciting domestic and international travel packages, please write to us at!

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